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Anonymous said, "I've heard that putting a heating pad on stomach when you're having cramps from menstruation is bad, because it widens the vessels in stomach and causes heavier bleeding and that's not good for you? Is that true or have I gotten something mixed up?"

I’ve never heard of that. When you bleed during your period it’s not actually much blood, it’s mostly dissolved tissue. The “blood” comes from the lining of your uterus, not from your blood vessels, so I don’t think that would be an issue.




- Kit

Anonymous said, "My SO and I have always wanted to try anal sex and have done some exploring but never have gone too far. The other night we just went for it and it was an awesome experience but I have a couple questions. The first is: will it always feel like you need to poop when having anal sex? I definitely want to do it again but I didn't like feeling like I needed to go when I was really enjoying myself. 2: should I be worried about semen in there? He came inside and I've since had the runs a little... :p"

It always feels like you’re pooping, yeah. But the more you do it, the more you’ll be able to tell the difference between “there’s a poop shaped thing in my ass” and “oh my god, I need to poop”.

No worries about semen. It will drip back out, just like it does during vaginal sex, but it shouldn’t cause bowel changes or anything. For me personally, I shit out jizz and lube for about the next two bowel movements, and it does feel very runny, but the poop itself is not runny.

- Kit

Anonymous said, "My bf got mad because someone commented "damn bae" on a pic I posted on Instagram. When he asked about it and said it bothered him removed the comment. It's been 2 days and he's still mad for the same reason. He says that I should've removed it sooner and that he's questioning our relationship. I've apologized, fixed it, and amtrying to make things better with us and he's still mad. I told him that I didn't think much of the comment cause it was just a comment. An I wrong or is he overreacting?"

He is being a baby! Oh god there are no limits to man child achievements apparently! To be honest i’d be a little short with him and next time he mentions it tell him to stop whining or take it somewhere else -

Women everywhere are always going to get stray comments because, catcalling, because sexism because people are nice and want to compliment you and some of those people will be the gender of people you’re attracted to?

And also, ‘damn bae’ is not exactly grounds for divorce, even if you’re ing someone for 6 million years you still don’t get to control their appearance or the attention they receive!

Bottom line, you can help being cute as hell, he can help being an oversensitive baby, somethings gotta give and that thing is going to have to be him!


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Anonymous said, "[1/2] Hey all. I'm a lesbian and currently in a relationship with a girl who until me was convinced she was straight. I am very much in love with her, and I know without a doubt that it is mutual. However, she is still uncomfortable with any sexual action, telling me she thinks it's because she never considered being attracted to a woman before and in this regard still has to get used to the idea. I understand completely and it isn't an issue at all."

[2/2] My question is, do you have any tips about whether there’s anything I should or can do to help? I don’t mean push her or anything, not -at all-, but should I let her figure this out on her own? Or are there things I can be of help with when it comes to making her more comfortable?

So I have no experience of this at all! But I’m sure the same rules apply as to someone that was straight in this hetronormative world and just not ready for sex!  I’d agree with you in letting her figure this out by herself but keeping up very intimate non sexual communication/touch will probably help! 

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Anonymous said, "anon with dramatic boyfriend here! we've since talked and he explained that his depression has just been getting the better of him and he didn't want to end up blowing up in anger around me (it happened once before and was pretty traumatic for the both of us.) so, shitty execution on his part but very valid reasoning. we've decided to just communicate via text and phone calls until the school year starts (when i'll move back and be closer to him) to give some space."

YAY! I’m glad you guys figured this out, communication can be hard but its always worth it rather than not (see above!) hopefully next time he’ll remember he can just talk to you and it can save you some worry!

 Text/email/calls sound good, nice and controlled and low pressure for people that are struggling with depression! (Shout out to my friends who can wait months for replies from me!) 

You did good baby! I am proud of you! (and him!)


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Anonymous said, "do you have any tips on stopping my nails from breaking? I paint my nails and like the top layer always end up peeling! help?"

If you mean the nail coat chipping try adding a clear layer over the top!

"Top coat nail polish" is  what you’re looking for and it will help the longevity of any manis/pedis!

Also if you have them done at a salon try looking for Jessical Gels, theyre set by UV and no work of exageration, can last fo 6 weeks and more often grow out before you need to remove them! 


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notafuckisgiven said, "I don't know if you guys can answer this question or if it's been asked before but here goes. I recently got a gym membership but I'm super intimated by all the weight equipment. I want to lift weights because I know muscle growth helps with fat loss but I can't bring myself to try them. I looked into personal training to help me learn but it's a membership at my university gym and they don't have personal trainers. Any help would be greatly appreciated!"

I’d think about buddying up to someoen that looks like they know what they’re doing! Most of us don’t mind and its always gonna be an ego stroke when someone asks you to teach them something! 

Also being at uni you’ve probably got people majoring in sports science so they are gonna have to know what they’re doing - also might be worth seeing if your uni has powerlifting or Olympic lifting groups! My local uni has an extreem ironing student group so a sports weightlifting based group shouldn’t be too hard to find!

That aside you can also learn online, watch a lot of tutorials and try, film yourself, try again, re-check form until you’re happy! 

I can answer more spesific questions if you need but otherwise I’d suggest deadlifitng, squating, dumbell bench pressing as good places to start! 

Also on tumblr this lovely lady has got a lot of good resources piled!



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Anonymous said, "Hello. I have heard about shaving using a natural oil (olive oil or coconut oil, and of course a 100% natural one) instead of shaving cream. Do you think it's safe/better ? I'm mostly thinking on using it "down there" bc that's the only part I shave. So I came here to know if maybe one of you have ever tried this (or with any other oil?) ? And if you recommand me doing it? Thanks!"

I made a post 4 or 5 back reblogging my friends review! Read it but from the looks, ALL SYSTEMS GO!


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R U OK DAY? A day where you should ask the people around you if they are ok and help break the cycle of mental illness


R U OK DAY? A day where you should ask the people around you if they are ok and help break the cycle of mental illness

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I just shaved with coconut oil for the first time and yall playin if you think I’m ever spending money on shave cream again.

this is heavenly

heard it here first (trusted friend of mine) ~Trip

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seeing my blog posts on my dash is cool

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Anonymous said, "I just broke contact with my boyfriend. It was long distance, he's been ignoring 7 out of 10 messages I send him, he completely ignored me when I told him I was terrified of my future, and this morning there was a picture of him and a girl pressed up against each other and her holding his hand. All I told him was that this is where I draw the line before I broke contact. I feel completely miserable. Was this right, or should I have given him the opportunity to defend himself?"

Wait for no one, if he was worth it, if anyone was worth it then they wouldn’t need a chance to defend themselves. Further more if he wants a chance at redemption now he should have been back at you about it straight away, not letting time wedge between you.

You did the right thing, its hard, but it will be good for you.


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“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” -Marilyn Monroe

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Anonymous said, "Can you orgasm and not know it, or would you definitely know if you'd had an orgasm?"


I don’t know about not knowing it, but I know you can have orgasms that are just kind of… Not there. Like, you’re going and going and building up and then your vag just kind of seizes up for a minute and then you’re like “welp I guess I’m done” and it’s all very disappointing. As corny as it sounds, every orgasm is different. Sometimes your body is in tune, sometimes it’s not having any of your shit, sometimes you have time to find a good porn video and use your favorite vibe and others you just have to rub off a quick one under the covers to fall asleep. Such is life.

- Kit

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