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Disclaimer: Medical advice given on this blog is not meant to replace professional information from a healthcare specialist.

Anonymous said, "Hi. I went to the dentist this morning and they gave me anesthesia before the treatment... And then i went home and gave my bf head. Is it safe? Will my gums become infected? Bec he came in my mouth.. Thank you"

What was the treatment? If you needed anesthesia, I’m assuming it was a type of oral surgery, in which case what the fuck is wrong with you.

Yes, you are at much higher risk for infection. If there is any open wound in your mouth, yes. Yes, yes, putting a dick in there has made you a hundred times more susceptible to infection.

- Kit

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Anonymous said, "I noticed that after I orgasm (clitoral stimulation, not fingers/toys) I get cramps that are similar to period cramps except way lighter. This only just started happening a few weeks ago and since my bf lives in another country I haven't had sex in months and I'm planning to see him soon and I'm scared of the cramps. I don't want to see my doctor unless it becomes too much, and I just wanted to know if any of you guys have experienced this. I can't seem to find much online. Thank you!"

Sometimes i get a sort of stomach ache - i never have period cramps so can’t really compare it to that! My ache is mild and discomfortabl e but not nessecerily painful

I think its safe to say this is normal but of course if its a pain level that you’re concerned about head to your doctor if its bothering you, as always!


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Anonymous said, "Is spermicide effective alone as a form of birth control? I know it can increase the possibility of contracting some STDs but I couldn't find a clear statistic on pregnancy prevention. Some sites said 76% but others said 94... Is it essential use a back up form of birth control (or use the spermicide itself as back up)?"

Yeah, don’t use just spermicide. I know there’s a lot of conflicting stats, but I personally side with the 76%. It’s just not that effective. If you’re going to use spermicide, I would use it only with a condom for ‘extra protection’. Just make sure there are no ingredients in the spermicide that break down latex (oils, acids, etc.)

- Kit

Anonymous said, "I recently started taking UTI antibiotics and now have a yeast infection, what can help with the yeast infection? It itches so bad."

First of all, tell your doctor. Second, drink lots of water and get some Monistat from the pharmacy.

- Kit

Anonymous said, "I'm not having my typical pms symptoms and I usually get my period around this week. I'm a virgin but have done like bj/eating out. I'm worried. Can you please help"

You’re definitely 100% not pregnant from having oral sex. It’s physically impossible.

Anonymous said, "I just started my senior year Monday, and the past three years of HS I out no effort into hair/makeup. (We have uniforms, so no worries about clothes.) but this yea I want to look out together, but something I can do quickly in the mornings. I know Kit loves makeup, and I haven't the slightest clue!"

I hope it’s ok if I answer :) If you want to look cute fast with makeup, and you’re a beginner, here’s what I recommend:

  1. tinted moisturizer
  2. mascara
  3. lip gloss/stain

First get some tinted moisturizer (or drugstore BB cream or CC cream, because they’re basically just tinted moisturizer). Put that all over your face the same way you’d normally put on moisturizer/lotion. Then put on some mascara. Then put a little color on your lips. That’s it! That routine will take care of your eyes, lips, and face while still being super easy and natural-looking. It shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes.

Once you have that down you can start expanding your skills to foundation, concealer, eyeliner, etc (if you want of course). Good luck!


Ok when I REALLY don’t have time, here’s what I do: Put some concealer on all the blemishes. Blend that shit good. Just dab a neutral color on your eyelids. No multicolor fancy shit here; just mono. Nothing shimmery or metallic. Something brown and a little darker than your skin. Mascara. Mascara is the MOST IMPORTANT THING. Throw on some colored lip balm (not lipstick, too heavy for this). I have this Salmon colored shit I paid like $2 for at Sephora. Works great. Contour is really important to me personally, but the blending is kind of a time sucker, so that’s up to you. - Kit

Anonymous said, "ok so I've had this giant red zit on my face for like a couple of days now, I haven't picked at it and it isn't a whitehead. any way to get rid if this blemish super fast??"

Get a soft cloth, make it damp with warm water, hold it against the zit as often as possible. Keep washing your face with a face/acne wash 1-2 times a day, and NO TOUCH.


Anonymous said, "I really want to give my boyfriend head but I have a really bad gag reflex and I'm scared of doing it and embarrassing myself. When I've done it before with other guys (near a year ago) it wasn't as bad because he had a small(er) penis but my boyfriends is definitely bigger. How do I improve my gag reflex? It's really important to me to please him. Thank you xx"

Practice practice practice practice practice PrAcTiCe

Also do something like squeezing your thumb in your fist to distract yourself - it’s a bit of a wives’ tale that if you create that kind of distracting pain elsewhere, your gag reflex will react less.


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Anonymous said, "I don't know if you girls can help or not but I'll ask- I wear glasses and between my eyebrows I always have a cluster of blemishes. I'm assuming it's from the nosepiece of my glasses. I started cleaning them with alcohol in the morning and night, but that seemed to aggravated it. I've started using just water now to see if that helps. Can you think of anything else?"

I get the same - but for me it’s because I pluck my eyebrows and I always fuck it up in the middle. It’s also an area that is pretty prone to sweating and dirt getting all up in there - try using a face or acne wash in that area especially for a while, and see if that does anything!


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Anonymous said, "I am such an apathetic person and sometimes i feel bad because i WANT to care, but i just don't (not trying to sound rude here). is there any way I can change this or is this something i have to learn to deal with?"

This may be something a little more serious - apathy can be a side effect/symptom of things like mental issues etc. etc. I’d say it’s worth a talk with a family doctor/counsellor/therapist. It won’t hurt, I promise!


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Anonymous said, "an old friend of me recently messaged me on facebook and requested my phone number. she is a nice and truly good person, but she is also very dramatic and flighty; she's fun, but someone like that isn't what i would consider a friend anymore. what should i do? give her my number? what do i do if she calls me, or invites me out? How do I avoid her without being bitchy? And at the same time, i NEED to be more social (I don't have many friends at all..), so I feel torn what to do. help?"

You’re just giving out your number - it’s not a social contract. Do or don’t do it, you are not being forced to talk to her or even hang out with her.

Talk to who you want to talk to. Hang out with who you want to hang out with.


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Anonymous said, "I don't know what to do, my entire family cannot stand me and they openly admit it. My parents will yell at me for doing something wrong and if I do it right they don't care, I can't live like this anymore I'm honestly sick of their BS."

Breathe in for 7, and breathe out for 11. Continue to do that until your breathing is relaxed and you are calm.

I’m going to be the Annoying Adult for a second here. It’s probably not as bad as you’re thinking. To give it a guess, I’m thinking you are in your teens and that you live at home with your family, and that you are within the age of puberty. Assuming the above, here a couple things:

  • Hormonal changes (and yes you’re undergoing hormonal changes) will seriously mess with you physically and mentally. It’s genuinely altering your mental functions and way of thinking, so there’s going to be some dramatic spells, some paranoia, some depression, some mania, you name it. Puberty brings out the craziest things. Try to understand that it’s possible that you are experiencing feelings and thoughts that are a bit more than reality calls for.
  • Teenagedom is hell on earth for both the teen and the family and the friends and like, basically, the world. It’s not a fun time generally. Your family will be annoyed with you, you will be annoyed with your family, and you will all be annoyed with yourselves. It’s an uncomfortable time. Keep that in mind while you analyze situations.
  • Learn to step outside the situation. This is advice I strongly support for everything. It is really easy to feel frustrated and jump on the Angry Train and ride it to the station and back. Likewise for your family. So, to try and improve things and resolve conflict, try to do the following: 1) Stop. Don’t say anything, don’t jump to conclusions, don’t do anything. Just stop for a moment. You need clarity. 2) Look at what is happening. Who is saying what? What do they mean by that? What did you do? What did you intend by your actions and what you said? What is everyone feeling at this moment? 3) Consider what you want to say, and what outcome you would like/expect by what you say. Plan your words and actions carefully. 4) Be patient and calm. Repeat steps 1-4.

You don’t have to all like each other, but it’s important as your role as a Human Being to do your best in this world - and that includes dealing with annoying family. :) 

Best of luck,


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Anonymous said, "So my boyfriend was fingering me (second time ever) and it was feeling really good, hurt a tiny bit, and I was really wet. After the amazing session, I felt lightheaded and relaxed. He was disappointed that I didn't climax, because when he asked, I said I didn't know (I have little sexual experience). I honestly don't know if I climaxed or not. What do you think? Are there ways to tell?"

Orgasm is usually one of those “you’ll know it when it happens” things. It’s typically a gradual, very pleasurable and noticeable build-up, and then a strong release (the technical orgasm) followed by a sort of pulsing sensation. Obviously it’s different for everyone, and some people don’t experience it as strongly, but that’s what you should be expecting. 

Also: please don’t stress out about you orgasming - you and your boyfriend. Orgasm should not be the BE ALL END ALL main goal of your sex! It should be pleasure, and happiness, and a shared experience. So long as you’re both enjoying yourself, there is nothing wrong. 


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Anonymous said, "Took a morning after pill a week ago (levonelle) which works by delaying ovulation rather than inducing a period. A week later I've started bleeding even though my period wasn't due for another two weeks. Is it right that it has arrived so early or could this be implantation bleeding? The blood was also a blacky/ browny colour"

I don’t know but there’s something that will

it comes in a box and you pee on it

- Kit

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Anonymous said, "Me and my boyfriend have been having sex 6/7 days of the week for the past 3 weeks. Is that unhealthy or anything? Should we cut back?"

Uhhh, no? People don’t die from having too much sex.

- Kit

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