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Anonymous said, "My boyfriend and I both want to try anal, but I'm REALLY scared that my colon will collapse and I'll have to call my parents from the ER. How do we even go about starting this?! I really do want to give it a try but I'm scared"

start here and if you have any specific questions, leave us another message :)


p.s. I can 99% promise you your colon won’t collapse

Anonymous said, "Why is no contact so hard? D: D: D: I wish there was an app for that."

There is…..? The text and call apps….? Haha. 

Try to focus on yourself if you’re having a hard time with someone else. Work harder at school, your job, and your hobbies. Try something new. Figure out what makes you happy. Get to know yourself better!


Anonymous said, "Hi, i like one of my guy friends and I don't know what to do because he has turned me down twice but i have never told him what i feel honestly. I'm pretty sure he wont like me the way I do, but he acts a little flirty when he's with me but sometimes he just ignores me. I don't know if he does it on purpose, and even if he considered being with me im not sure if his feelings would be sincere. I'm scared of confessing my feelings to him. How do i get over him? Please excuse my english."

Your english is fine. :) 

If you really want to see what’s up with his flirting, tell him how you actually feel outright! The worst that will happen is that he says he doesn’t like you that way, and you part ways. No biggie! You can still be friends after a while. Otherwise, just do other things with your life. Go focus on school or a hobby or something. It’s you-time!


Anonymous said, "So my boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 months and he lives a bunch of states away. We skype a lot, but I was wondering some ways to spice up our love life?"

I’ll list some posts we have on the topics! :) 

Here and here and this comic by ohjoysextoy

Personally I found it absolutely essentialto do things with your ldr partner that you would do on real dates- go for a meal (both of you bring something, set it up like a picnic, pretend you’re on a dinner date!), have a games night (find an online game you can play together), go to new places (head to a cafe, a park, wherever that has wifi but is new!), watch movies (there are lots of ways to stream shows together, or you can old-fashioned sync). 

Basically, try not to stick to the boring run-of-the-mill ldr stereotypes. Skype calls are great, don’t get me wrong, but chatting on xbox while you murder people on GTA just is so much better. 


(and you replace the light bulb by communicating)
(communication is like the foundation of your relationship house)
(wait a minute I think this metaphor is getting away from us)

(and you replace the light bulb by communicating)

(communication is like the foundation of your relationship house)

(wait a minute I think this metaphor is getting away from us)

(via withinthehardtimes)

Anonymous said, "Wart anon here, the swelling and pain are gone and the warts turned black and are now dead I think..I cut the bigger one off and now there's a fresh layer of new skin under it, do you think i should throw on a layer of Neosporin just in case or let it air out?"

Neosporin ALWAYS

- kit

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Anonymous said, "I'm a virgin and of a small build anyway. My boyfriends penis is bigger than 9 inches. Is this bound to split me in half or is there a way to do it entirely pain free?"

AHHHH WOAHHHH Someone hit the jackpot! Tbh there is no no no reason sex should hurt regardless of dickery that goes on!

  1. Go slow, lots of foreplay to build up
  2. Extra lube, even if u are really lubey yourself extra lube the first time will still probs be a++ (just in case, you know)
  3. Go slow aside from lots of foreplay try building up how many fingers he can use on you, and then when u are rly rly ready for the first act to be over…
  4. Go slow! So, even if its the first time and all you can do is fit like 4-5 inches in thats totes cool, you can try penetration like that for however long its fun, maybe you’ll manage to get all of it in, maybe not! If not, no bother, do the semi-pen as long as you like then you guys can switch to something else!

5. p.p.s communicate! I imagine he is just as self aware of his gigantic dingus and is probably also worried about hurting you with a dong that big if you’re small anyway! Take is slow and talk talk talk + stratagise and everything should be perfect!


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Anonymous said, "I'm on my period and it's made me feel super ill and drained. My mum was meant to pick me up and take me to her boyfriends but I told her to cancel because I'm on my period and I feel sick and now I feel so bad I feel like I've let her down I can't stop crying and she suggested going out Monday but I might be going to thorpe park and I just can't stop crying. This isn't really a question, im sorry if I shouldn't have sent it I just needed to tell someone"

Hey darling lil daring shh its okay! I promise! Your mommma loves you like nothing else! One of the first things you ever did when meeting her was throw up on her and she kept you so nothing else is going to make her truly mad at you now alrighty?! 

Never appologise for the crying messages you wanna send us to vent, we are so super here for this! And we know how you feel! Periods are super poopy (literally too) and make you cry and all neurotic over things that normally you’d be like ‘oh thats not awesome but oh well moving on! 

Keep crying! Period times will be over soon and you’ll be all “holy fuck i’m tirered crying is tiring what the hell was I crying about?!” 

Blankets and cute food and watching the magic roundabout sounds like a cure all!


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Anonymous said, "I'm the almost 4 years anon, and yeah I have tried communicating. I always tell him what's bugging me and how I feel and he just gets mad and acts immature about it."

See Part 2: work together to break up if working together doesn’t work out


queennavidean said, "Totally bummed right now. Just got hit with an over $300 bill to get my car fixed and tabs renewed, AND I have to pay for my new apartment before the 30th. Ugh. /Venting"

Ah thats the worst

MONEY is the devil, until you have it then £_$

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Anonymous said, "I waxed my bikini area today and now I have red dots. What is that? I've waxed there before with no problem."

Same as shaving rash but its more like there you ripped the hair folicle out and the pore is not very happy about it, it will fade/heal


(also its normal i promise)

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Anonymous said, "My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years next month and lately I've just felt so disconnected in the relationship. I get easily irritated when he talks to me because he complains constantly and begs me to visit him because he moved away. I get that he's lonely but he just isn't accepting the reasons to why I can't visit him (can't afford it) is it best to just call it quits?"

Talk to your boyfriend about your concerns. Tell him EXPLICITLY what it is that upsets you, why it upsets you, and what would stop upsetting you. Then listen to the same from him. If you can, work TOGETHER towards a resolution, or TOGETHER towards a break-up.

People, please try really hard to not make really important relationship decisions without communicating together with your partner. Just…don’t. Don’t do that.


Anonymous said, "I saw a question earlier that kind of relates to my problem, a lot of the tea I'm intimate with my partner it's hard to enjoy because he touches my cervix, what could I do to avoid this or make it less painful?"

Experiment with different positions to find ones that feel best. There are limitless ways to put a penis in a vagina, so have fun with it!


Anonymous said, "I wanted a share a weird story because it made me feel so much better. I was having an awful day and I called my salon and the receptionist could tell something was up over the phone and went in another room and had a heart to heart with me. I cried. It was so weird but so nice to vent to a stranger. I didn't even make an appointment but I know if I ever meet who I talked to I wouldn't even feel embarrassed. :') Good people are out there."

Awwww that’s so sweet! That is such a nice thing to do for someone, kudos to that person. <3


Anonymous said, "(veg anon) Thanks for your help Trip. I do want to eat meat both for the convenience and because I just like meat (I miss burgers and bacon), and it sounds really simple when you tell me to just take that label away. I'm just wrestling with the decision partly because I still don't feel like it's ethical to eat animals and partly because it feels like I'd be quitting or failing. I still don't know what to do, but maybe I'll try eating meat only on weekends or something. Thanks again for the help"