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Member hiring!

3/4 of on  are definitely on hiatus and we’re struggling to keep the inbox below 20 which is a small flag for me as no way do i want to see an inbox of 50 plus message ever ever again! 

There is no application form.

What you need to know:

  • Temporary modding, at least 3 months (up till whenever we are all back from hiatus!) 
  • You get membership rather than admin privilegdges 
  • Two duties need to be filled 
  1. Answering asks that are in the drafts to the best of your ability - you can of course leave messages you aren’t equipped to answer (its probably preferable that way)
  2. You may post relevant info graphics, gifs, articles, links, etc 
  • No promo’s 

Like I said, no application form! As I said earlier as most of us are MIA we probably won’t all be reviewing applications, so if you look good to one of us, we’ll invite you in. We’re probably looking for 2 or 3.

To apply write us (or submit) an application! Instead of us having questions for you I want you to just sell yourself, think of it as a social CV or an open letter to us, or, whatever! 

This is open till we’ve found who we want, and if you’re not one of the two we pick of course we’ll let you know!

G’luck! Triplash out


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alwayz worth rememberin: whether u like dudes or not, dudes can be nice, but u absolutely dont need one, i love not relying on any man.  i wake up, make my own shit, clean my carpet, build my drum rack.  never in my life have i needed a man, and nor do you.  your alone?  you have womankind.  mad love 


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Anonymous said, "thank you so much for your answer about consent, I've been denying that it wasn't consensual for months, because I thought it was my fault"

Oh, you’re so welcome. And I’m sorry that you have had to experience this, and I am here to tell you that it was NOT your fault. Not in the slightest. We’re always here for you, on this blog and our personal blog. Lots of hugs and support.

- Kit

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Anonymous said, "So can i have unprotected sex while drinking those last 4 brown pills?"

Idk if you should be drinking them, but yeah.

- Kit

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Anonymous said, "The guy I'm crushing on kinda flirts with me, whenever I see him he always calls my name is a certain voice & always says hi too me & asks how I'm doing, do you think he likes me or anything like that?"


- Kit

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Anonymous said, "I moved to Mexico a few years ago. Last month I went to the family doctor and he asked the typical questions and when I said that yes, I take bc he processed to ask if I was married and I said no (mind that I am 20 years old). He then told me that I shouldn't be taking bc since I was so young and there was no need because I am not married. WTF that is why there is so many teenage pregnancy in Mexico. Seriously, wtf."

From what I know, Mexico, like reports from friends in Italy, Spain and tbh, the USA (the usa is not a saint) countries with high rates of religion as part of their culture tend to have those values, its sad and awful (also fuck the catholic church holy shit bye) BUT those values will slowly change, and each person who refuses to be shamed or intimidated into stopping or not starting BC (or other meds) for lame-o reasons like that, are part of that very change!

 We will win! No periods! No religious gate keepers! 


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Anonymous said, "Do you have any really clear resources about consent and things? I don't know if what happened to me would be considered rape or not and its upsetting"

If you:

  • were coherent
  • said yes
  • actually wanted to
  • were not talked into it
  • were comfortable with what was happening
  • consented through the entire encounter (genuinely)

And all of these criteria were met for the entire encounter, it was (probably, hopefully) consensual.

If you:

  • said no
  • expressed any discomfort or wish to stop
  • wanted to stop
  • were coerced
  • were intimidated
  • were blackmailed
  • were not comfortable
  • did not feel safe
  • did not feel like you could say ‘no’
  • were afraid
  • were in pain
  • were incoherent, intoxicated, asleep, under the influence

And any of these things were true of or happened before, during, or after your encounter, it was not consensual.

- Kit

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Anonymous said, "Growing up I was emotionally and physically abused by my parents, and they always used the fact that they loved me and my sister as justification for their actions. Which has left me with an inherent fear of loving, or being loved. But my boyfriend, whom I care about quite a bit, recently told me he loves me, and while I think I feel the same towards him, I don't know how to say it, because the thought of admitting I love him, terrifies me. Do you have any advice for getting over this fear?"

Well, my strongest advice is therapy. Abuse alone is something that warrants the attention of a professional, but especially something that’s emotionally twisted as that.

In the meantime, I think it would be helpful if you took some time to define what love means to you. Not what it meant to your parents, or what you thought it meant; what YOU think love SHOULD be. Is it security, kind words, always being there, physical affection, making sacrifices, what? Also, there are more ways to say you love someone than “I love you”. Remind him of all the things that make you care about him, and the things he does that make you happy or feel good.

I’m sure explaining the situation to him (if you feel comfortable doing so) will also save some hurt feelings about the ‘saying I love you back’ issue.

- Kit

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I don’t think I understand this but I know that I’m slightly offended.

It’s akin to the whole ‘you must be on your period’ bullshit that often gaslights women into thinking that their anger is ‘irrational’ when really he’s being a fucking jackass and is trying to deflect by delegitimizing her anger. 

Mental Illness is used to discredit all sorts of real, genuine emotion and opinion. “Have you taken your crazy pills today?” “That’s probably just your depression talking.” “You know that there’s no reason to be afraid, right? You’re just being crazy.”

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Anonymous said, "hey! Is it a little strange that I'm a tall girl (5'9 1/2) and my boyfriend is about 4 inches shorter?"

Nooooooooo not at all! 

Imagine if there were laws that governed every person women dated had to be x amount taller than you in height.

imagine it. Literally, imagine it. I know some people are living by some kooky idea that that is law and not their own freaky standard for society but its not law because that would b cray cray so, you go girl, enjoy your fulfilling relationship and high 5 from another tall girl


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Anonymous said, "Hey! So I'm a big girl or as people would say fat, & I want to know if you can help me with any ways that I can feel comfortable having sex & trying to be sexy?"

My best advice, other than the TM self esteem suggestions is to go and follow Fat Bloggers, surround yourself with perticularly fat positive things and in hand with being a confident You and working on your own else esteem (affirmations, self love and self care etc etc) being surrounded by the things you aspire to be (aka a sexy fat girl with awesome sex life) will help you get there!

There is a fancy word for that but i don’t know what it is


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Anonymous said, "Will guys ever physically & emotionally like fat girls??"

Yes! One day! That day is, right now!

My best friend is a TM certified Fat Girl and her boyfriend is not a fat guy and they have been together 3 years (i think) and they have an awesome sex life (i know) and he does not have a fat fetish (his ex’s were not fat) and they’re very happy and make me sick with their romance!

Its gonna happen girl! Its happening right now! And right now will happen for you too one day


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Anonymous said, "I just feel the need to share! I just lost my virginity to my bf and it felt amazing! If you ladies out there are worried about pain, imo it's actually not that bad! He's quite big and I'm really tight but it actually worked out and there was no bleeding But sorry I had to share my excitement with someone ! Ps thank you you dedicated ladies behind this blog, I'm in love with your advice <3333333"

Congrats baby!

I’m glad it was perfect and thank you for writing in to share


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Anonymous said, "disabled anon looking for job here: my disabilities include a very heavy psychosis (which yes, in my country i legally have to mention to employers), spontaneous fainting (the unconsciousness only lasts like 5 minutes tops though) and my back has like 50 issues meaning that if i try to bend down to reach something i will end up crying from agonizing pain if i havent passed out already. im not too disabled (yay) but its still been enough to disadvantage me working. should i write in non-anon?"

So I’m not sure what country you live in, but in the US, that definitely makes you eligible for disability payments. Honestly I guess it’s just a matter of finding a job where your disabilities would not affect your work. Maybe chat and email support for a company? Programming? Data entry? Medical billing?

- Kit

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Anonymous said, "i think my first real relationship is dying. i can feel the bf is no longer really interested in me but i can't force myself to end it. i also recently graduated and can't find a job and my parents give me money to survive and it makes me feel horrible. i don't really have friends close enough to talk to. i cry all the time and i feel so miserable i can't even distract myself with tv or anything. do you have any advice on how to make myself feel better? (i can't afford therapy or stuff like tha)"

This was the exact reason (well, one of the reasons) I broke up with my boyfriend last month. It’s just not worth being with someone that doesn’t feel anything for you anymore. It’s pretty miserable. It’s going to hurt and it’ll be really shitty for a while, but end it. You will feel sad, but probably also really relieved.

- Kit

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