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Disclaimer: Medical advice given on this blog is not meant to replace professional information from a healthcare specialist.

Anonymous said, "I've always been curious about what binging and purging does? Does it help with the cravings or does it make the hunger pains disappear? I'm just curious and hopefully I'm not being offensive to anyone ):"

I’m assuming you mean within the realms of an eating disorder, which is a purely psychological phenomenon that creates a warped relationship with food. Bingeing is often described as an intense loss of self-control, often triggered by stress, strong emotions, or even boredom. Guilt follows, as well as an intense fear of gaining weight, and so the individual purges to get rid of the food (and thereby the guilt). Vomiting causes the body to produce certain hormones, leaving the individual existing in a sort of manic hype before and during the purge, and then very calm and even sleepy afterwards.

In reality, with many eating disorders, food is simply a vehicle for comfort and control. Obviously, everyone’s experiences with their own personal disorders is different; this is a very broad spectrum ‘typical’ explanation of the motivation behind bulimic behavior.

Now for the fear mongering PSA:

Inducing vomiting is not a sustainable way to lose weight, and it’s dangerous. You can aspirate your vomit, tear your esophagus, etc. In the long term, your teeth begin to decay from frequent acid exposure and you have halitosis constantly. You will begin to have a learned response to large amounts of food in which you are intensely nauseated. You will be caught in a very vicious b/p cycle that slowly but surely consumes your life.

It seems to me that often anorexia is shown as the more “serious” eating disorder over bulimia, but they are equally as dangerous and dehabilitating to mind and body. They can both kill you very quickly, and if they don’t, they cause permanent organ damage, and as recent studies have shown, even neurological damage.

If you think you may have an eating disorder, please seek help. It is not a diet, it is not “just for a few weeks”, it is an all-consuming illness that I would not wish on my worst enemy.

- Kit

EDIT:: I should not have said that EDs are a purely psychological phenomenon. New research has found that much like addiction, a brain can be predisposed to ED thoughts and behaviors because of the size and function of certain areas of the brain, especially those controlling anxiety, hunger, mood, and fear. The idea has also been proposed that these is a genetic marker for EDs, meaning the illness can be passed from parents.

Anonymous said, "I want to start masturbating but I don't know how or were? I'm a girl btw, I just don't know were or how to do it? Were do I put my finger? What do I do? Please help xxxx"


ANND HERE here too

have fun! 


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keeksalot said, "so me and this guy I work with are friends. we hang out all the time and its great but technically he's above me at work since hes a shift leader and we arent supposed to socialize outside of work. it hasn't been a problem before, but the other day we were drinking at his house and we ended uphooking up. I know he likes me and it wasn't just a sex thing, but now he hasn't really been talking to me outside of work and i dont want to put him on the spot but i dont know where we stand ugh"

Ugh the worst, i’d say just drop it and leave it alone and never pick it up again if he is being a dingus!

On the other hand you can pursue and get an answer if the job is like, at a convenience store! Maybe hmm okay too if its like a call center but if you’re like in HR or something where yall are concerned about career progression n stuff then definitely drop it and leave it alone as sexy based fun isn’t worth loosing a srs job over! 

If you want to know/want to see if you guys can find a way to keep this going then do just remember to weigh in the work balance/importance in their somewhere!


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Anonymous said, "Hey! So I was masturbating before and I wound up ripping where the labia meets, nearest my butt... what do I do???? I showered but its bleeding a little and hurts!! Help!!"

You could try blotting with gauze tape before the blood congeals, when its stop bleeding LEAVE IT ALONE AND DONT TOUCHY TOUCH YOUSELF UNTILL ITS HEALED! Be careful and keep the area clean and dry (as is reasonable and possible) okei? ~Trip

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Anonymous said, "Ok so a bit of bragging but my new boyfriend says he really really likes giving oral. How did I manage to luck out?! I've never received it before though and I'm really nervous about my lady parts. Is there anything I can do to make the downstairs possibly smell or taste any better? I'm so worried it's like a foul stink box or something ugh"

If you’re super nervous you could shower together and do it there first time round, or shower before he comes over.

Vaginas taste like vagina and not like anything else so I promise nothing is weird or bad about your vulva/vagina region! Dicks don’t taste like strawberries and cream do they? no! So no reasonable person imagines vaginas will either! 

As long as you’re not suffering at UTI or yeast infection right now ya’ll gonna be good to go! 


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Anonymous said, "So I've recently discovered that I have hair on my butt and I between my boobs. I have no idea on how to get rid of it without it being uncomfortable when it begins to grow back. Any tips/suggestion?"

Its normal so idk really what to say other than check the shaving/waxing tag!

You could wax or your dilatory cream which might make the regrowth softest, other than that you don’t have many other options! Though you could also try bleaching!


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Anonymous said, "Im moving countries at the end of the year and I also want a bf. But if I leave should I even try and if I do get a bf how do I get a serious relationship that will just end"

Most relationships serious or not end! Statistical fact! If you move, do it just the same as you would normally and you get like BONUS points for being new and exotic wherever you’re moving too! 

If you’re staying i see no harm in like dating someone, when you leave you guys can LTR or mutually break up! 

Mainly you seem unsure/with little direction, you want a boyfriend but don’t want to make a boyfriend out of someone? Just a vague sort of faceless boyfriend right now? Why? Do you really need one?


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Anonymous said, "to the anonymous buddy wanting flirty time tips: SMALL, INNOCENT TOUCHES! lightly touch their shoulder when you're telling them something, sit near them a brush hands. girls who throw themselves at guys and lay all over them tend to scare and overwhelm guys. also, playful teasing (but make sure it stays just that PLAYFUL. if it gets too mean you'll be givin him the exact opposite message you intended to) hope that helps and happy flirting! :)"

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mev95 said, "To the anon with bulimia, I feel your pain, except I don't get breakouts, my tonsils actually just get filled with puss. But I think maybe if you drink plenty of water you'll be fine!"

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Anonymous said, "So today me and my boyfriend were hanging out and we got flirty and I started giving him head. As things progressed and he came I had no idea what to do and I hate swallowing but I did and the taste made me gag numerous times. Any ideas on how to stop that from happening ?"


You could also try suckn dick with a condom on?! Or maybe best/easiest is tell him to tell you when hes going to cum so he can like cum in your hand and like somewhere that is not your mouth


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Anonymous said, "I'm tired of being treated like a vacuum cleaner. My soul purpose is not to suck off some nasty dick all day and night, ya know?"

Ugh I know! Boys are gross drop kick them to the curb and run to buy ice cream (but not vanillia lest that remind you of dicks)!


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Anonymous said, "Hey guys, I've kind of relapsed with my bulimia lately, and I've been purging a lot. And it's making my skin break out really bad. Do you have any suggestions on what I could do to help with this?"

Obviously, my first and foremost advice would be to find your way back to recovery. “Blah blah blah Kit, if I wanted that kind of oversimplified bullshit advice I’d go to an ED counselor” yeah whatever I know I know. But really. Just two weeks ago after FOUR MONTHS of relapsing in anorexic behaviors, I took up recovery again and my body has been so happy. Okay, obvious advice over now.

Usually when I got acne from purging, it was from splashback. You can help that by throwing some toilet paper into the toilet before you purge. Drinking plenty of water also helps, and only purging with freshly cleaned hands. And, obviously, clean your face every night.

- Kit


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I’ve recited this for everytime someone calls me a slut


I’ve recited this for everytime someone calls me a slut

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Anonymous said, "Why are some guys so blind to flirtyness, I flirted all night with this guy and he wasn't getting it until the last 10 min of us hanging out. Ugh. But hey I got a kiss from him at the end of the night though."

because boys are stupid. 100% answer.



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